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Clackamas River Fishing

The pristine Clackamas River comes off the slopes of Mount Hood and teems with tens of thousands of salmon, steelhead and trout every year. Only a short drive from the Portland and Vancouver area, the Clackamas is a favored river for both visitors and resident anglers alike. Clackamas River fishing takes place 12 months out of the year starting with a good run of winter steelhead, spring run of chinook salmon, summer run of steelhead and a fall run of coho salmon. All these fish can be readily available from both bank and boat while Clackamas River fishing.

Starting with winter steelhead fishing, peak periods are December through April with summer steelhead right on their heels and lasting well into the late fall. The winter steelhead are known for their sheer size with fish over 20 pounds taken on occasion. While their summer cousins average smaller, they are more aerobatic in nature and their flavor is hard to beat.

Like the famed spring chinook, summer steelhead reside in fresh water many months before spawning and therefore their flesh contains a high amount of the tasty fat (Omega 3) which is not only good for you but adds unparalleled flavor to their flesh. Averaging much larger in size and comparable in taste is the spring chinook of the Clackamas River. On a good year, 13,000 adults may return to the Clackamas River with peak periods in May and June. This provides great sport for anglers willing to put in some time.

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